How to Keep Your Blogging While Brown Experience From Going to Waste

me and savvy brown

me and Savvy Brown

So I’m back in the bay bay bay after a fabulous weekend of Blogging While Brown in Harlem.  For those who don’t know, BWB holds an annual conference bringing together the best of bloggers of color with those of us who want to learn what it takes to be the “best”.  This was an investment for me, in me, and my blog.  I’m sure this is the case for the 250 or so others in attendance as well.  The problem is, if you don’t IMPLEMENT what you learned, then you just took a vacation.  And vacations are certainly good, but if that’s all you wanted then you could have sponsored a serious blogger with that conference fee and just gone to NY and joined the yoga exhibition instead.

On day 3 post #BWBNYC you should have implemented SOMETHING you learned by now.  If not, don’t let another day go by.  Here is my quick and simple list of a few key things I am putting on my schedule to implement so that I get my moneys-worth out of Blogging While Brown 2013.  You are welcome to use this as a guide to create your own “to implement” list.

1. Get off line and get in person – I know I heard “start a meetup” more than a couple of times during the conference, once from Markus Robinson of Interactive One.  Creating a local following certainly gains you some blog followers, and better yet, customers. I can check this one off the list – meetup implemented – please click here to join.

2. Crowdfunding – We all can use some money, and we all know that “you have not because you ask not.”  So think of something to ask for and get busy asking.  Evita Robinson of Nomadness TV and Kimberly Bryant of showed us how it’s done.  Now it’s our turn to follow in their example.  Remember, we were told to jump on this right way before laws start changing and donors become owners.

3. The power of 1,000 – Lamar Tyler of brought to our attention that 1,000 readers spending just $100 per year = $100,000.  Sounds so simple.  He said consider what products and services you can offer, and make a list of 10 things you can use to turn your readers into customers.  I love this!

4. Redesign your site with a strategy per Markus Robinson of Interactive One – And just when I was about to get Joe Blow to redo my site based on the fact that his other sites were cute.  That’s just like my going to the dentist that has the spa atmosphere and getting bad dental work done.  You think I would learn my lesson.  Thanks Markus for saving me from wasting my money.  Lucky Orange and Mixpanel are just a couple of tools I’m now looking into.  Jeneba Ghatt of Ghatt Law Group spoke a bit on this too, saying monitor your analytics and know where your traffic is coming from.  Not that I didn’t know this, but to know and do are two different things.  Implementing asap!

5.  Guest post chain -Bee Quammie of 83 to Infinity suggested joining a group of bloggers and each writing a post on the same topic.  Then, Karama AKA Savvy Brown blessed me and a few other ladies with a side session after the conference and discussed this same concept in detail.  This is one of the methods she used to go from 2,000 to over 5,000 blog followers in one year.  If any of you would like to partner up and do this, I am all for it.  Let’s go!

So there you have my short list out of the many things I came away from the conference with.  You can use my list or you may want to make your own.  Either way, get busy implementing and get your moneys-worth out of BWB.  Did you go to the conference?  What would you add to my list?  And what have you already implemented?  I would love to know!



16 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Blogging While Brown Experience From Going to Waste

  1. LOVED THIS..:) And I’m already on it like Butterfly Clock Work..:) Sending you nothing but love and support Butterfly. Now back to the BWBNYC homework list..:)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time Renee, I look forward to the NEW blogging you! thanks for the advice, I’m still working on getting my blog together. I have lots of posts, just need to get them organized. Love you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Renee! Wonderful information for those of us who did not attend the BWB conference! I am interested in group writing as well!! I will be coming back to this list as a reference point! 🙂

  4. This is so helpful and yes I am down to help start/ partner up on a guest post chain. Thanks for this.

    • Hey Miz Kip thanks for stopping by. I’m working on a topic for that now. On another note, do you provide a specialized diet (gluten free?) for your son? If so I would like to introduce you to my cousin who blogs from time to time about her son and his food allergies/special diet. Let me know if that sounds like a possible collab for you two.

  5. Great points! It was great to meet you at the conference. I am just going through my BWB notes and cards as I type. I am definitely interested in participating in a guest post chain!

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