How I Finally Lost the Weight, and How You Can Too

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with weight.  I know I have, for a good chunk of my life.  At one point I thought I had it all figured out, losing 32 pounds and dropping from a size 16 to a 6.

Then, I had babies.  And I hit 40.  And the weight struggles returned.

I remember thinking, “my metabolism is shot”, and “pregnancy has ruined my shape”.  I even accepted that I was over 40 and “weight problems are normal at that age”.  After all, I’m a dietitian.  I knew how to get weight off, or so I thought.

I finally discovered that the problem wasn’t me.  It was a lack of information about the causes of weight loss resistance.

Not one of the diet or nutrition books I read mentioned how I could be sensitive to certain foods, and that these foods were wreaking havoc on my health and hindering my weight loss efforts.

I thought I was doing everything right, eating whole grains, chicken, fish, and veggies, and avoiding sodas.  I had even given up beef and pork.  But what I learned is that some of the foods I was still eating were actually viewed as toxins by my body, and toxins lead to excess weight.

I’m telling you, I dang near cried with relief when I discovered what was causing me so many problems (excess weight being only one of them).  Immediately I started watching the pounds melt away.  And of course, everyone wanted to know what I did.

before after gluten pic

28 pounds later

So I developed Detox for a Diva, a program I want to share particularly with my sisters.  I’m just about tired of the statistics saying we are the most obese in the nation.  I’ve discovered how to help us change that, and had to offer this to you.

Let’s end the struggle and get you in a body you love being in, that’s full of energy, sexy, and will serve you like you need to be served.

Calling all Divas!

Created with you in mind, the Detox for a Diva program reduces inflammation and allows you to release weight, naturally.  I’m happy to say I’ve just completed a session with a group of very satisfied ladies.

The next Detox for a Diva (D4D) starts on October 4Don’t you think it’s time?

Register by September 27 and save $40
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Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to have issues with losing or keeping weight off. I know the frustration of needing to get things done but not having the energy.  All of that madness needs to stop NOW.  I’m ready to show you a whole new way to think about food and your body with delish recipes that will give you the energy you need to take care of your business.

By the way, this program isn’t about calorie counting, fasting, juicing, or taking lots of supplements.

It’s about learning some new things, changing some old habits, and loving you like never before.

I’m telling you ladies, you will radiate Diva, from the inside out.  Just watch!

Register Now!

I look forward to supporting you during the detox!

With sisterly love,


Renée M. Simpson, RDN


P.S. Remember to register by September 27 and

save $40.  Click here to join.




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