Second Sunday’s With Crystal – Seeking Wisdom

Here is your monthly dose of spirituality from Minister Crystal L. Cochren of My Faith and Fitness.

“For in much wisdom is much grief:  and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” ~ Ecclesiastes 1:18 (KJV)

Intuitively, one would think that increased wisdom would not equate with increased sorrow.  Such is not the case.  Wisdom opens our eyes, ears and understanding to events, situations and circumstances that we had not been aware of previously.  When we actually see the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical states of our brothers and sisters, those in Christ and those not, the sorrow becomes palpable.  Wisdom is a requirement for faithfully completing the assignments that God gives us.  Without wisdom, we will repeat tasks over and over until we learn what we need to know.  Without wisdom, we cannot move forward in life and receive the many blessings that God has set aside for us.  There is always more wisdom to obtain.  God is infinitely wiser than we could ever be.  God does reveal wisdom to us and increases our capacity to receive more wisdom.  We, however, must want this wisdom.  We must want wisdom for the right reasons.

The book of Ecclesiastes is attributed to Solomon.  When Solomon became king of Israel, God appeared to Solomon and told Solomon that he would receive whatever he asked.  Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge so that he would have the ability to judge the people.  (II Chronicles 1:6-12)  Solomon wanted wisdom for an honorable reason.

One reason that I welcome the assignments from God to preach, teach and write is because I care about my people.  I want all of my unsaved sisters and brothers to establish and develop a strong relationship with God.  I want my saved brothers and sisters to develop a stronger relationship with God.  Going to church one day a week with no Bible Study at home or at church in the interim does not bode well for having a strong relationship with God.  I encourage you to study Jesus’ doctrine, which is contained in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to begin your journey of gaining wisdom.  God wants you prepared for your assignments.  Be blessed as you increase your focus on your spiritual and emotional health. Remain encouraged.

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