Welcome 2014 With New Healthy Eating Habits

Out with the old, in with the new, right? This is the time of year we like to prepare for a fresh start. So I thought I’d share a list of healthy eating related habits you can toss out with the end of 2013, and those you can replace them with for 2014.

1. Out- counting calories. In- Eating foods that help you to feel your best.
What a pain to count calories, keep up with points, or weigh your food every time you want to do something as natural and necessary as eat. I remember those days and shall never return to them. What works with simplicity is the results of an elimination diet. Once you go through an elimination diet to determine if certain foods are causing you to hold on to excess weight or feel like crap, freedom begins. For me, the total weight lost and loss maintained is 28 pounds. And I’ve never felt better.  The elimination diet is part of the process when you go through the Detox For a Diva program.  The next session starts this month.

2. Out- low fat. In- healthy fats.
If you haven’t heard, a diet too low in fat can lead to poor hair and nail quality, and worse, brain disorders. So instead of loading up on low fat processed crap, go all natural, and enjoy your fat, including the egg yolk, a little butter here and there, and as always, olive oil, nuts and nut butters, and avocado. A diet too low in fat is accused of causing Alzheimers, depression, and elevated cholesterol, among other ailments  For good info on this, check out the book Grain Brain.

3. Out- diet drinks. In- natural sweeteners in moderation.                                         So it turns out those diet drinks actually cause weight gain, which leads to poor blood sugar control.  And, some sugar substitutes increase your risk of cancer.  No thanks.  I’d rather have a little sugar in the raw, organic sugar, or maybe stevia.  Also, fruit juice and fruit puree provide wonderful sweetness, and are all natural.

4. Out-Plenty of whole wheat and grains. In- Minimal grains and no wheat

So many people still think whole wheat is good for you.  Unfortunately many of those same people have an undiagnosed wheat sensitivity, or worse, Celiac disease.  Try skipping all wheat for a 3 week period if you’re curious.  Then, for 3 days, document how you feel when you’ve resumed consuming it.  A wheat free diet has been known to benefit people with Lupus, MS, and many other auto-immune diseases.  And as far as other grains, try replacing them with raw leafy greens for some of your meals to boost your bodies ability to ward off cancer by increasing your blood acid-alkaline balance.  Again, the book Grain Brain gives so much info on this.

5. Out- Vegetarian. In- Plant Based Diet

For those of you who are more carbo-tarian than vegetarian, this year, let’s rethink that plan.  A plant based diet means you’re actually consuming more plants and less processed foods. This includes pescetarian and ovo-lacto, as you are not confined to total abstinence from animal products.  It’s more of a “most of the time” way of eating. Honestly, what you call yourself is your business.  My hope is that you’ll care more about getting more plant based foods in than you have in the past. Take a look at the book Whole to get more info on why you really should go plant based.

6. Out- Regular ol’ cows’ milk. In- Raw goat milk.

Cows milk that is homogenized lacks the lactase enzyme necessary for us lactose intolerant folks to be able to digest it successfully.  Raw is best for that reason.  And as for goat milk, in it’s raw state, it is found to improve our ability to digest and utilize minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium significantly better than cows milk. (Science Daily, June 31, 2007)

7. Out- Greek yogurt. In- Kefir.

I would say we have Dr. Oz to thank for the overproduction of Greek yogurt over the last few years.  And you know with so many companies jumping on the band wagon, a good chunk of the products you see labeled as Greek yogurt is full of crap.  But check out Kefir, one of the greatest probiotics you can buy.  You need this for improved digestion.  Every time you eat a complex meal that is slow to digest you increase your risk of cancer and other diseases.  Chug a bit of Kefir prior to your meals to help your body to be able to digest foods more rapidly before they get a chance to putrefy and release toxins in your system. Yuck.  Kefir also contains a number of complete proteins, vitamins and minerals.  If they haven’t listed this as a superfood, they certainly should.

So what new healthy eating habits do you have planned for 2014?  Oh, and Happy New Year!

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