Still Living Healthy in 2014?


As we enter the second quarter of 2014, I wonder how you’re doing with your healthy New Year’s resolutions? Or new habits? Whatever you’ve chosen to call it, how are you doing? So many start the race expecting awesome results. But by the end of the first-quarter most have dropped out. I know that Ash Wednesday this week was helpful in getting some of us back on track. But for those who still need a little help regaining focus, i’ve got a few ideas.

1- Challenge yourself with a 5K run. Find a couch to 5K app, download it, and get busy. In eight weeks you will have trained to run a 5K and started a healthy new habit. I just signed up to run my first 5K the weekend of Mother’s Day. That gives me enough time to complete the couch to 5K program plus a couple of weeks to spare.

2. Find an accountability partner who has also fallen off the wagon. You can encourage and support each other. However, you may need a third person who has remained focused to check in on you once a week.

3. Check with your employee wellness program or human resources department. You be surprised at the resources available. Any workplace worth being affiliated with cares about the health of its employees and should have some, if not multiple programs available for you to choose from for support.

4. This should be a no-brainer, but try a wellness journal. Not just a food diary, but a fitness diary can be quite helpful. If you’re high tech, there are plenty of online journals you can Google.

5. Years ago at work I started a “biggest loser” program. I couldn’t believe how popular the program was and how much money people were willing to give up to join the program. I’m sure you can find a group of others who would like to develop some new habits/lose weight right along with you, or in competition against you.

Whatever method you choose, get busy and do it now. The second quarter is here, and before you know it, we’ll be halfway through the year. What goals have you abandoned that you’re determined to pick up and dust off?

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