Cookbook Giveaway and Review – No Fooling Around


green smoothie book

I’m not usually one to participate in April Fool’s Day.  In fact I’m a little perturbed by a whole day dedicated to foolishness. Aintnobodygottimefuhdat.  Anyway, I am not joking when I say that some lucky Diva who joins me for the Detox for a Diva: Spring Cleaning will win this cookbook. Green Smoothies for Every Season was written by the same lady who wrote The Green Smoothie Bible, so you know she knows her stuff. I love that the recipes are broken down by seasonal ingredients, and that she discusses rotating your leafy greens so that you don’t get too many of any one mineral. There’s also very good info on the benefits of green smoothies, so you’re not just drinking something green and making a fool of yourself.  There really are huge benefits. Yeah, Kristine Miles is not fooling around with her health. She has blessed us with this nice little book that I can’t wait to share with some lucky Diva.  Will it be you? The price to join us goes up at midnight so don’t miss out. Join here. As for the book giveaway, the contest ends April 7.

ps – This book was donated to me by the publisher for nothing in return except to let them know when I give it away or do a review.  Ain’t that nice?

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