Charlotte Allen of E’Lure Salon And Spa – Well Diva Wednesday

Where do I even begin?  Our Well Diva this week is one of my sweetest, no, my absolute sweetest friend, Charlotte Allen.
I met Charlotte in the mid ’90s when we were both searching for what we wanted to do with our lives.  She had just received her degree in meteorology, and I was planning to go back to school for nutrition.  We were both working a long term temp assignment.  I recall one day she asked me how to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, career-wise, as she had quickly learned she had no interest in meteorology.  I said to her, just think of that thing that you love to do, and you think it’s a hobby.  That’s it.  That’s what you should be doing.  Charlotte heard me loud and clear, and immediately started taking classes to work towards getting her cosmetology license.
One day I came in to work really tired.  I told Charlotte how I had been up into the wee hours for several nights chatting in a Christian chat room on AOL.  She giggled as she listened to my many stories of the people I was becoming friends with online.  Then it hit me.  I said to her “Charlotte, you need to meet some of these guys I’m meeting on line. Some of them are sooo nice and so much fun!”  I don’t know many people who would have taken me up on that, but Charlotte gave me permission to pass on her email address.
I had one guy in mind, just for Charlotte.
Long story short, about 2 years later, Derrick had relocated from Dallas to Atlanta and the two were married.
Today they have almost 14 years under their belt, 2 beautiful daughters, and their new baby, E’Lure Salon and Spa.
I remember those days making little money for temp work, Charlotte was saving for her first condo.  I learned from her the value of focus.  I don’t care if you just wanted her to join you for a $1 ice cream treat, Charlotte said no.  She was focused on her goal.  And she didn’t give a rat’s azz what you thought.  The next thing I know, she was a homeowner.
I admire Charlotte for her ability to do what she needs to do to design a Well Diva Lifestyle for herself.  Many would have gone on to become a miserable meteorologist just because the education was paid for and the pay would be good.  Many would have stayed at the temp job until it became permanent, and rotted to death there doing something their heart wasn’t in.  Many would not have met the guy online recommended by a friend who hadn’t met him either.  And many would not have made the sacrifices to get that homeowner status, missing out on all the lunches, trips and fun their friends were having.  But Charlotte.
One of the many things I love about Charlotte is her ability to cheer you on and share in your celebration even if she has no idea what the hell you are celebrating.  I wonder if she sees herself in you while she is cheering so hard for you.  Wow, if she believes in me like she believes in herself, that is some powerful stuff.
Just this week Charlotte made one more dream come true – her trip to New York and surprise appearance on the Today Show!charlotte and tamrontoday show
  I have been blessed to know Charlotte, and continue to be blessed to call her my friend.  A Well Diva, indeed.

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