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Hey Divas!
I’d like to introduce you to Theresa Birks.  Theresa is responsible for managing the page MPEPA Beautiful Women.
Each day Theresa highlights the accomplishments and projects of women she would like for us to know about and support.  The page started with 11 members as a way to promote women in her community but has evolved to include all women working to better themselves and their own communities, and has over 800 members.  I thought of Theresa for Well Diva Wednesday for this reason and a few others.
Some of the steps I think of when I say “Well Diva” is being able to make good decisions for yourself, create an action plan, and get it done.  When you can do that thing that brings you closer to your personal success plan, and in the process overcome any obstacles, put aside excuses, and make it happen, you are moving towards being a Well Diva.  For Theresa, one of those things includes working towards her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  Her recent Facebook post caught my attention.
Facebook Family,

I need your prayer. Tonight is the first class in my University of San Francisco Psychology Counseling master’s degree program. I am so nervous and scared…lol. It seems like just yesterday, I registered for college level courses with my baby Brandi.”

 That was a little over a week ago.  Theresa is now in the midst of her action plan towards her personal goal for success.
“I plan to obtain my Psychology Counseling Credential and become a therapist who will help bridge the gap between African Americans and the Mental Health System. I hope to continue to work in the nonprofit sector to provide counseling for women and their children.”
 I asked Theresa to share a bit about her recent nuptials, as I could not for the life of me figure out why she would be in a relationship with someone for 21 years and then finally get married.  But like a Well Diva, it was her own choice.  She shared with me how her life’s work had taken priority, and how this wonderful man supported her and waited patiently for her to decide to give herself to him.
t birks wed
“I met him one evening and we never parted. We raised our children by previous partners together and he encouraged me to enter college. He retired, cooked, made sure I ate properly. He prepared my breakfast before school, and lunches. We generally cooked together in the evenings. He took me to school for two years straight while obtaining my first degree and now I just entered graduate school. Life got in the way. He kept asking and I would always say let’s wait, then I went for my BA and we just kept putting it off. Looked up and 21 years passed! We are in such a good place.”
 Does it get any sweeter than this???
Sometimes that shiny ring, or the promise of “happily ever after” with Prince Charming can be a huge distraction.  But a Well Diva knows how to keep focus, and let things happen in her time, and God’s time.  I want to say thank you to Theresa for being an inspiration and encouragement to others.  She went for what she wanted, she let nothing distract her, and she fully trusted God to keep her man by her side while she stayed focused on His will for her life.
theresa birks fam
Do you know a Well Diva that we should all know about?  If so send me an email and let me know her story.  I’ll be happy to share her joy with others.



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