My Top 5 Tips For a Healthy 4th of July Menu

Red, white, and blue trifle

Well apparently it’s that time of year again since I hear and feel the loud bangs of fireworks contraband outside my window. This is also a time when many of us who are figure and/or health conscious slip up, or slip over into the vat of banana pudding, or lose our minds on the homemade ice-cream, not to mention the saucy tender juicy RIBS!

Fortunately your Soul Food Therapist is here to provide a bit of help.  I’ve compiled a list of a few of my choice spots on the net for recipes, articles, and ideas to keep your 4th within your health parameters.


1. Robin Shreeves, also a dietitian…  because she provides a complete meal, even including dip AND beverages!  Hmm, I might have to try some of these today.
2.  Yours truly… That wonderful pic of the watermelon in the above link made me think of a recipe I created last year, which would actually go very nicely at a bbq for the 4th or any other time.  And that’s my watermelon ceviche.  oooh wee, I love this one!
3.   Healthy Happy Life for my vegan peeps.  Here you’ll find a completely vegan menu that I’d actually like to try myself.  If you happen to make that delish looking bbq saucy sandwich in the pic, could you please report back with a critique?  I’d like to think it’s as good as it looks.
4. Eating Well is always, always, always a favorite.  You may want to bookmark this page if you haven’t already.
5. And this chick Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie is truly after my heart, or my sweet tooth. Lord knows I love my sweets.  I must admit that I’ve not tried her sweet treats.  So I might be doing some recipe testing later.  😉


Should you end up using any of these recipes or menu ideas I’d sure love to know, and to see pics as well!  And if you have recipes or ideas of your own that you’d like to share, I would love to know that even more! Have a happy, healthy, fun, fabulous and safe 4th of July.

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