Shimmy Popping My Way Through The Fear

In my last post I mentioned that I had not been myself for a while, and that I’m back to my old self.  I kind of forgot how crazy and daring I used to be.  So what did I do?… I signed up to be in a flash mob – and I KNOW I have back and knee issues, not to mention I still do the wop and think I’m groovin’.

How we feel vs. how we really look

I have been wanting to take belly dance fitness classes at Hipline for years.  Now that I live much closer to the studio, I finally decided to try it out.  Upon visiting the website I found that they were doing a flash mob in TEN DAYS; anybody who wanted could join.  I proceeded to study the routine they had on video.  I was totally confused because the dancers were opposite of me, but I was determined.  Then, on day 9, that little voice of fear started screaming at me – WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?  ARE YOU CRAZY??? ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE A FOOL OF US???!!!  I started to listen, but then I thought… no.  You will NOT run this show.  I’m gonna shimmy and shake and I don’t give a rats azz how silly or awkward I may look.  And guess what?…

I’M SO GLAD I DID IT!  When the music started and I saw what looked like a hundred random people moving into place, I felt I was amongst friends.  I shimmied and shook, laughed at myself and had a REAL… GOOD… TIME.

This month in my blog I will be focusing on Goals.  I have always wanted to dance but never made it a goal, so it never happened.  I just wanted to share this experience and let you know how very proud I am of myself for completely ignoring the fear.  Had I given in, there is no way I would ever have known the joy and pride that came from doing what I really wanted to do.  I start classes soon at Hipline – another “want” that was never a goal and thus never happened – learning to belly dance for fitness.  If I get a nudge from fear once I get to class, I’m gonna jump in with both feet and shake my tail feather like there’s no tomorrow.

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