Looks Like Kirstie Wins Either Way!

I’ve not been following Dancing With The Stars, especially since the departure of Romeo. However, I have kept an eye out for Kirstie, for one reason… weight loss. I caught her on GMA this morning, and she said she had no idea how much weight she had lost since the start of the show in February, but she did notice her clothing size getting smaller and smaller. I so advocate this kind of weight loss monitoring. When you get on the scale it’s like watching an egg cook in a pot of hot water. The time goes by incredibly slow and it can seem so slow that you just get anxious and discouraged. It’s best to go do something else, get on with your life and let that egg boil in the time that it needs. I mean the thing is this – once you lose the weight are you going to stop watching and let it come back? If you don’t focus on the scale, nature will take it’s course as long as you have committed to doing what it takes to get the scale moving in the right direction, like dancing, or whatever your chosen fat burning activity is. Anyway, not to go on and on. I just wanted to acknowledge that Kirstie has been an example to us all, and any way it goes tonight, she’s a winner. Congrats to Kirstie! Oh and Romeo, I’ve kept an eye on him too, but not for weight loss. 😉

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