Choose My Plate, Please Choose My Plate!

By now you may have, or not have heard about the new food “icon” for Americans called My Plate. Over the years we’ve gone from squares to wheels, and pyramids to plates. I’m sure it can all get a little confusing. Hopefully the plate will simplify things.

It has taken this plate more than 15 years to be adapted by the USDA (as it was first launched in this country in ’93 by a group of dietitians in Idaho). I personally welcome the idea. I mean who eats off of a pyramid anyway? I’ve been teaching the plate method for years, so I for one am delighted that it has finally been embraced as our national method. There are even companies who will sell you a plate to help make sure your meal is correctly proportioned. One called Tymplates, another called The Portion Plate – these have been around for years.

So now that you know how much to eat, don’t tell me… you need someone to cook it? Hmm, I could help with that but I’d much rather show you how to do it for yourself. Just stay tuned, because I’ll be adding online cooking classes soon.

Please, don’t feel like you’ve gotta run out and buy a plate, unless you just like shopping – I mean they are kinda cute. But there’s also all kinds of pictures out there, including one of my favorites, the My Plate Planner handout.

Finally, we’re all on the same plate. Hopefully we Americans collectively can start slimming down, one plate at a time.

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