Did The Olympics Inspire You to Get Off the Couch?

US Women’s 400m relay – Gold medal winners

I love the Olympics.  But I must admit that somewhere in the middle of week two I’m always the one to complain that it has been on just too damn long.  And then as we approach the final days I start to wish I had appreciated it more, and get a little sad at the thought of the closing ceremony.

This year I allowed the games to be incredibly inspirational to me.  When I think of Gabby going all the way to Iowa to live with a family who not only couldn’t cook soul food, but hadn’t a clue about the trials of a black girls hair – oh lawd.  I don’t think I could have done it!  She is such a trooper.  Her story allowed us to reflect on the power of perseverance, and how far we can go when we are truly determined.

Then Oscar Pistorius ran… with NO FEET!  Okay, he really made me get up and move my azz.  I felt I had no right to miss a scheduled run after that.  And then “they” had the nerve to try and say his prosthetic legs gave him an advantage???  I’ll tell you, the haters have no shame.

And then my fave – the US women’s track team.  I used to see white women running for exercise and think “what is she running from?”  But between Black Girls Run and the US women’s track team, I now get it.  Not that I plan on ever running as fast as any of these ladies, but now, when I run I feel like I can say that I’m a part of a team. Nobody has to believe that but me, and it’s enough to inspire me to run.

Yes, I am going to truly miss the games.  But I will say that I’m  a stronger, more active person than I’ve probably ever been in my life as a result of these summer games.  I’m now determined to finish that Couch to 5K program I keep stopping and starting.  And I have all of those hard bodied serious athletes to thank.  They will truly be missed.

Did the games inspire you in any way?  I’d love to know!


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