21 Days to a New Habit

We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Well, let’s test it out.   Three weeks ago, a few of us worked on shrinking that kangaroo pouch for 21 days.  I’m not sure if we were as successful as we had hoped to be, so let’s try it again.

Starting Monday, we will begin our official 21 Day Challenge, and here are the rules:

1.  Choose 1, 2, or 3 healthy habits you would like to develop and/or bad habits to end.  Please, do not try to be Wonder Woman and shoot for a total life makeover complete with 10 new habits and a new attitude.  Baby steps.  One main habit is what you need to work on.  If you just HAVE to multitask (like myself), you can choose up to 2 additional habits.  Remember, the goal is to form that one main habit by the end of the 21 days.  We will do this again so it’s okay if you aren’t a completely new person when this ends.

2.  Sign up for fitoracy via my group link http://ftcy.me/4rgfJA

3.  Pull out your credit card and put your money where your mouth is.  For $21 you can challenge yourself at 21habit.comYou’ll pay the $21, and each day that you do your new habit, you earn a dollar back.  At the end, any money that you didn’t earn back is donated to charities listed on the website.  Don’t you just love it?!

4. Check in with us daily on the facebook page for support, encouragement, and to let us know how you’re doing.  Congrats on your new habit!

Ready… set… go!

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