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I’ve never been one to hang out at the bar, but then I discovered The Bar Method.  On my quest to find a fitness routine I can actually stick with, I’ve gone from asking what are the white girls running from, to actually enjoying running, thanks to Black Girls Run.  I’ve tried a bit of cardio bellydance at Hipline.  I’ve worked the pole at Pole la Teaz.  I’ve gone to Miami in my mind with Zumba.  I’ve enjoyed the barefoot bliss of Willpower & Grace.  And now, I’m kinda feelin’ The Bar Method.

Highly recommended by my wonderful chiropractor, I did a bit of research on “barre” fitness and found out not only is there a location near my day job, but THEY’RE OFFERING FREE SESSIONS!!!  OH LAWD HOW I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!  Not junk, but really good valuable free stuff, and I think any good fitness session is valuable.

I signed up for a slot in a Saturday session and met up with the 3 other participants and our graceful instructor, and studio owner, Helen.  We met at her temporary location, as her actual studio is not scheduled to open until sometime early in 2013 (boooo).   So this gave me a chance to check out The Bar Method with lots of one on one coaching. Nice.

Our graceful and oh so petite instructor, Helen

One thing I liked, the music was NOT a huge focal point.  I told Helen about an experience I had in a Willpower and Grace stint.  I went to that class for something like 8 weeks, which is an eternity for me, as I have serious ADD when it comes to working out.  After about 3 weeks I forget I’m even supposed to go to class, or I find out about another cheaper, or closer program, or I just plain get tired of using my muscles and stop showing up for class.  Anyway, I LOVED Willpower and Grace, but I could not stand hearing that same music track not ONE… MORE… TIME.  I wanted to blow out my own brains before listening to that music again, so I thought it would be best that I quit.

So fortunately, Helen didn’t even focus on the beat, and the music was more like background sounds.  No, Helen was busy making sure we had the technique right, that we were getting our money’s worth.  Okay, it was free, but she still made sure it was worth our time.

The Bar Method is described as a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet moves.  It’s not widely known, but I have always wanted to be a dancer, and have a dancers body.  Not a typical ballet dancer, but one of those really toned Alvin Ailey dancers, with the big firm thighs and apple bottom, or is that a runner?  Whatever, either will do.  Anyway, this is not a dance class, but the moves have been known to give you a dancers body if done multiple times a week.  Many of the moves are very subtle, but quite powerful, as evidenced by my terribly sore azz (and triceps) for the next 2 days.  All this mess about butt injections, they just need to try The Bar Method.  I did not know my behind had that many muscles.  Helen helped me figure out how to target the gluteus maximus, medius, minimus, dominus, flabulus, lumpus, all of it.

One drawback, I hurt myself, but that was my fault.  I always think I can show up after not working out for weeks and just jump right in.  My body apparently does NOT know that I’m not 21 anymore, and that I see a chiropractor for a reason, or several reasons.  Although I plan to try the classes again, I promise I’ll remember that I’m not friggin’ Misty Copeland.  I must tell you that the instructor has many modifications if you need them.  You’ve just got to let her know before class so she can give you the attention you need.

The new schedule for the free classes in Berkeley can be sent to you if you sign up at .  If you aren’t in the area, go to and see if there is a location near you.  I doubt they will have free classes, but still, check it out.  It’s kinda pricey, but it’s wayyy cheaper and safer than butt injections.

Do you have a fun fitness regime I should try next?  I’d love to know!

Update – The Berkeley Bar Method studio is NOW OPEN!  Be sure to subscribe to this blog to be notified of an upcoming giveaway from the Berkeley studio.

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