Got Lumps? How is your Thyroid Health?

January is thyroid awareness month.  I had a scary experience last year when I just randomly touched my neck and felt a lump on one side.  Fortunately I had a good friend who had gone through a thyroid illness, and good insurance.  I immediately called on both.

My Spelman sister was there to answer questions and help keep me calm through the testing, which fortunately resulted in negative for cancer (praise the Lord) or any other type of thyroid disease.  Unfortunately I could not blame my excess weight on my thyroid, but that’s another story.

I encourage you to visit Empower Your Health for information and symptoms to check for.  Remember, ignoring keeps you ignorant.  Inquiring keeps you informed.  Have you had an experience with thyroid trouble?  Do you have a story that may encourage or support someone else?  If so, please feel free to share.

5 thoughts on “Got Lumps? How is your Thyroid Health?

  1. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 17 years ago. In the months before the diagnosis I thought I was going crazy (and so did a few other people) My levels were WAY off. No problem taking a little pill the rest of my life 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Beverly. I’m glad to know you got a diagnosis and treatment that is working for you. Would you mind sharing some of the symptoms you experienced?

  2. Thanks Renee, I had mine removed in 2009. No more lumps, pill for life and constant weight battles. Energy comes and goes. Otherwise healthy. Knowledge is power, lots of people don’t even know they have a thyroid or what it’s function is. Love your site.

    • Thank you Jeri! So glad you found out what you needed to do to manage your thyroid illness. We can talk about the energy weight battles. Have you read much about carbs and how choosing the right ones can make a difference? Let me know because I’d like to help.

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