Gluten & Allergen Free Expo 2013 – Kathy Smart, The Celiac Diva, Cupcake Wars Winner and More!


Me and Kathy Smart


Last week I had to opportunity to attend, as an official blogger, the 2013 Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in San Francisco.  Talk about tasty fun.  And I got a chance to meet a couple of rock stars in the gluten free world.

As you may know I went gluten free last year, so many of the products and people were very new to me.  However, I made their acquaintance quickly.  My top 3 –

Kathy Smart – nutritionist, chef and gluten free activist brimming with knowledge, she was one of the warmest people I’ve met in a long time.  Kathy really made me feel at home at the expo.  She even gave me a free copy of her newly revised cookbook, Live the Smart Way, which you’ll get a chance to win if you subscribe to the blog and leave a comment below.

Karen Morgan – I was honored to sit in on a talk before Karen flew off to the Grammy’s where she would be providing her famous gluten free cupcakes.  Founder and owner of Blackbird Bakery, Karen restored my faith in baking.  Becoming gluten free led me to completely shut down all operation of Sweet Tooth Therapy until I have time to develop delicious gluten free recipes, which until this point seemed impossible.  And then I met Karen.  With all of her tips, knowledge and encouragement, I’m back in the baking lab again.

IMG_3953Kyra Bussanich – If you don’t want to bake your own cupcakes you’ll be more than pleased with what Kyra provides at the Crave Bake Shop.  You may have seen her on Cupcake Wars? And Kyra will very proudly let you know that she was the winner… TWICE.  Fortunately she had samples to back up her claim and yes, I agree, she should have one twice with those cupcakes.  Kyra has one of two cupcakes I have ever had that are gluten free and actually delicious.  I bought a box of her mix and look forward to trying it at home.


me and Lauren-Lucille

There were several other notable people that I met so this list could actually go on and on.  Lindsey Deitsch of XO Baking Co., Lauren-Lucille of, Mary Fran Wiley of are just a few.  What these people had in common – not only were they gluten free and full of knowledge, but they all, seriously, had the warmest sweetest spirit and passion for helping others live the gluten free lifestyle as normally as anyone else.

San Francisco was the first stop for the expo this year.  If you’re blessed to be able to go you can find info on the tour for the rest of 2013 at  If you are gluten free, or have other food allergies, or would like to know more about the gluten free lifestyle, I highly suggest you make it to the expo.  These days so many have problems digesting gluten and don’t even know it, as I discussed in a previous post about the expo.  Even if you don’t think one of those people is you, try to make it to the expo.  If nothing else, you’ll meet some really sweet people, and eat some sweet treats.

I’m passing on the generosity that Kathy passed on to me.  Would you like to win a copy of Kathy Smart’s latest version of her cookbook, Live the Smart Way?  If so be sure you have subscribed to this blog AND leave a comment below by February 23 (my birthday) to enter the drawing.  One winner will be selected using and the cookbook given to me by Kathy will be mailed to that person.  Woohoo!

16 thoughts on “Gluten & Allergen Free Expo 2013 – Kathy Smart, The Celiac Diva, Cupcake Wars Winner and More!

  1. Thanks so much Renee for being a part of our San Fran GFAF Expo Blogger Team! You helped make our event successful & spread the word to the community. You rock 🙂

    • You’re welcome Maureen! Thank you for the experience – I fully enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next time around.

  2. My name is Marion and I am looking to get healthier this year and need help. Am looking forward to winning the cookbook.

  3. Hi Renee, I follow you on FB and always enjoy your posts. I’m definitely trying to get healthier this year by changing my eating habits. I’m currently on day 12 of a 20 day detox, but when I’m done, I will have a new perspective on the types of foods that I put in my body. Your cookbook will definitely give me some great ideas to get started! I love cookbooks, and would love to see what you have created. If it’s anything like the dishes you post on FB, I know I will love it!

    • Thanks Andea! Kathy Smart is the author of this cookbook. If you win I’m sure you’ll appreciate her work. Be sure to subscribe above so I can get more helpful info to you.

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