Drink Your Greens Ladies! Drink, Drink, Drink Your Greens Ladies! The Farmer’s Market Trip Turned Green Smoothie Party


Today was great! I guess I know how to make a party out of anything.  Me and a few ladies met up at our local farmer’s market to select some leafy greens to put in the blender.  This was an intro to green smoothies for all of them.  As for why green smoothies, you can check out articles one and two on that right here on the blog.

IMG_0659Fortunately it was a beautiful sunny day to take our time and pick out some nutritious edibles.  We went for curly kale, spinach, and dino kale.  And then we headed to the kitchen, which was stocked with all we needed.

IMG_0576The choices for liquid were pineapple orange juice, almond milk and flaxseed milk.  The flax milk was new to us, but I think we actually liked it even better than the almond milk.

Add ins included maca powder, hemp powder, and chia seeds.  The ladies went for the hemp powder, but reported it as grainy.

The combinations we came up with were the following:

Cucumber mint mango avocado ginger with spinach, pineapple orange juice and agave syrup – it was a keeper.

Sweet potato peach with almond milk and dino kale – not ever doing that again.  I tried to salvage it, and actually it’s in the fridge because I won’t give up. LOL

Strawberry banana peach blueberry with juice and kale – it was tasty but too thin.

IMG_0635Apple cucumber mint cilantro with almond milk and honey – really fresh and earthy.  We liked it, but I think earthy is an acquired taste.

Peanut butter banana kale with flaxseed milk and agave syrup – this was hands down the winner!!  And of course this recipe was created by my little one.  Kids always know how to cover up veggies if given the chance.

IMG_0605We will certainly be doing this again so make sure you have subscribed here to be updated on our local event calendar.  We are in the SF Bay Area, northern Cali.

What’s your favorite green smoothie?


2 thoughts on “Drink Your Greens Ladies! Drink, Drink, Drink Your Greens Ladies! The Farmer’s Market Trip Turned Green Smoothie Party

  1. Love the recipes! I’m going to try some of them!!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of Dino kale. I’ll have to look it up. How was the flax milk? Did it thicken up the smoothies?

    • You’re very welcome! The flax milk was mild. I’m liking it better than almond milk. It doesn’t thicken at all though. Let me know if you try it.

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