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A couple of months ago I did a post on my green smoothie party.  It was really nice to get some sistas together for a healthy cause.  This month, which at Soul Food Therapy is Juicy June, we were inspired by Kareen of I am Eating Right to do a 3 day juice fast/cleanse/detox.  When this was mentioned on the facebook page, the response was amazing.  Many of you have requested to join in, and I am so thankful to have you along for the health ride!  Kareen shared how she was inspired to do a 60 day juice fast/feast (and lost 40 pounds) after watching the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which you can watch at the end of this post.  Below, I’m sharing a list of a few juicing sistas I’ve found on the net who we will use as resources to guide us along in this fast.  All this stuff about us being the most obese, least healthy – I’m choosing not to focus on that.  Instead, I’m enjoying seeing my sistas make healthy choices AND educate others on doing the same.  Take a look at the links below and let me know what you think.  Have you used any of their services?

Our Juicy June 3 day juice cleanse starts Thursday June 13.  If you would like to join us simply make your request to join in the comments below and the details will be emailed to you.  We will utilize the services of the following:

1. Kareen of I am Eating Right – creator of The Juicy Life series of 15 videos on juicing 101 – watch the series so you’ll be well prepared.  Here is video #1.

2. Willette of WillHealthy – detox and cleansing coach extraordinaire – Willette will prepare and ship your juices if you’d rather not make them yourself.  Join me and Willette on Tuesday evening (June 11) at 6:30pm PST, 8:30 central, 9:30 EST for a brief pre-cleanse Q&A session about detoxing and cleansing.  You must join the Soul Food Therapy circle in Google + first.  Second, download the Google Hangout app.  And third,  check your email for a link to get into the hangout a few minutes ahead of time.  If you must join by phone rather than video, visit the facebook page and leave a private message with your phone number at least an hour before the session.

3. Nicole of The Sweeter the Juice – fabulous FREE ebook of juice recipes – download her ebook to use during the fast.  Choose which juices you would like to drink, making sure to include the recipes containing leafy greens.

4.   Carla of Raw Raw Life – raw food blogger with an extensive supply of raw, vegan, juice and smoothie recipes, videos and ebooks – Visit Carla for her grocery list as a guideline to make sure you are well stocked and ready to go.  Also, Carla has juicing ebooks as well – more recipes for you to choose from.

We will not use the following services but I certainly wanted to let you know about these juicing sistas in case they are in your area.

5. La’Tlia of Juicy’s Flavor – juice bar and products sold in multiple Virginia locations

6. Kelly of Juice Hugger – 1/2 of a duo with a cafe in Brooklyn and a huge selection of products online

Do you have a link to add?  If so, please leave that info in the comments section.  Now let’s get busy juicing!

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  1. Thanks for the invite. It’s in our nature to thrive and be healthy. Great to take this on with a group. Was trying to get my daughter to juice with me. Excited!!!!

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