The Many Benefits of a Juice Fast

kareen getting ready to fast

Kareen of The Juicy Life and I Am Eating Right

June is juicy here at Soul Food Therapy.  Keeping with this month’s theme, a few friends and I have decided to do a 3 day juice fast.  This came about after the monthly Google Hangout Tuesday night.  The June hangout was all about juicing, with special guest Kareen of I Am Eating Right.  A few of the benefits/reasons for this fast:

1. Give the organs a rest – We feed our body so many toxins a day when we consume meats, non-organic produce, sugar, medication, etc.  Our bodies work overtime to process and digest all of these foods, toxins and whatnot.  A fast, even as short as 3 days, can be helpful when done properly.

2.  Spiritual renewal – Those of us who grew up under a spiritual teaching know, or are at least familiar with, the power of fasting.  Weakening the flesh through fasting allows for strengthening of the spirit.  We can all use that.

3.  Enhanced taste buds – Resetting the palate by abstaining from sugar, salt and fat is a really good thing.  This can help you to divorce yourself from things like Krispy Kreme, or my current love, french fries.

4.  Increased nutrient intake – For every apple you eat, you can probably juice about 5 and get all of the vitamins and minerals of all 5 apples and still not be full.  Remember, this is done as part of a total juice fast, so more nutrients are exactly what you’ll need.

5.  Improved discipline – When you’ve trained yourself to walk past those fresh hot fries (I’m talking to myself y’all) and you don’t even flinch, that is powerful.  Discipline in that one area of your life can pour over into other areas and lead you along the path to becoming a better you.  And it all starts with a little juice.  Don’t you just love that??

I highly recommend you do your own research on juicing, and consult your physician before deciding to fast.  I am a dietitian but if you have not signed a contract with me, I am not YOUR dietitian and therefore can not direct you in your personal diet.

If you have been cleared to join this 3 day fast/feast, leave your request to join in the comments so I can send you the details.  We will fast from Thursday, June 13 to Saturday, June 15.  Have you fasted for health reasons before?  If so, would you recommend it?


5 thoughts on “The Many Benefits of a Juice Fast

  1. I am anxious to begin my 3-day juice fast. Please send me the information. I have not fasted prior for health reason, often for personal and spiritual reasons.

    Thank you…

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