Breakfast on a Parasite Cleanse

strawberry almond smoothie

Hey Divas!

Since so many of you signed up to do the PC14 parasite cleanse I thought I’d share what I’ve been coming up with to eat/drink during the first week.

It all started with a trip to Whole Foods and The Container Store followed by a cleaning out and organizing of the fridge. That’s one big reason I’ve been able to keep moving forward.  I can get obsessive about stuff like that, and I find that I’m always making sure the fridge stays like I want it.  I wonder how long the fam is gonna tolerate this. LOL!fridge

A bit about the cleanse:

It’s 14 days, and I’m offering the coaching at no cost for the current program.  The herbs we take are sooo nasty, but we do get to eat food.  Foods excluded are sugar, meats, dairy, grains.  Foods that parasites hate (FPH) are to be included in each meal eaten.  The list includes but is not limited to papaya (especially seeds), pineapple, berries, citrus fruits (except oranges), pomegranate, coconut and any other sour fruit, raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, and lots of spices.  Smoothies, soups and salads are the best way to do this, but we get creative and figure out other things to eat too.

The night before we started, last Sunday, I made some wonderful juice by tossing a whole small red cabbage, a whole small pineapple, about a one inch chunk of garlic, a whole lemon with peel into the juicer.pineapple cabbage ingredients pineapple cabbage ginger drink

I kept a glass of the pineapple juice separate for later use.  This time I added a glass of pineapple juice and about a half a cucumber and 2 cups of ice to the blender.  This was quite refreshing.cucumber pineapple smoothie

I really enjoyed the pineapple carrot smoothie.  Sometimes I don’t write down the amounts, but this was about 2 cups of carrot and green apple juice, 1 cup fresh pineapple, a teaspoon or 2 each of chia seeds and ground turmeric.  THIS. WAS. GOOD.  Add Stevia if you need to because I cannot remember if I did or not.

smoothie carrot pineapple chia turm

Today was the first time I had something other than a beverage for breakfast. This frittata was pretty simple, using bell peppers, spinach, garlic and onions sautéed in olive oil.

frittata topPour well beaten eggs into the skillet and stir into the veggies. Top with fresh avocado and optional vegan cheese (I personally didn’t care for the cheese but my daughter liked it). Cook in a 375 degree oven for about 8 minutes.   Slice and serve.

frittataToday I wanted something sweet, and I needed to add at least one more FPH to my breakfast so I came up with this Strawberry Almond smoothie.  This might be my favorite smoothie yet.

So this pretty much what I’ve had this week for breakfast, some days repeating a smoothie.  I’ll have to share the lunch and dinner recipes in another post.  Are you doing the cleanse?  If so, what are you eating?  And if not, did any of these recipes get your attention?  I only post the good ones, so let me know if you give them a try.  Most of them are kid tested too.

#HealthyHolidays Dessert


Of course I saved dessert for last. Today’s recipe comes from Nicole of the blog Brown Sugar. Nicole shared her summer peach blueberry crumble, which can be adjusted by swapping the blueberries for cranberries this time of year. I also like the swap out of a crumble for crust. That will allow me to replace the small amount of flour in order to try this one gluten free. Thanks Nicole!
I hope you’ve enjoyed the recipes shared here throughout the season. Which ones did/will you cook?
Thank you so much for being a subscriber and reader. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

#HealthyHolidays Recipe: Perfect Hot Chocolate


I don’t know why but I have been craving hot chocolate lately. Me and my little one have been enjoying a few different options of the chocolatey goodness at bedtime. So I was overjoyed to receive today’s recipe from Nicole of Food Culturist. I met Nicole at the 2013 Blogging while Brown conference and vowed to keep in touch. I’m thankful that she made some time to share this sweet treat with us. Are you a hot chocolate lover? If so, what are your favorite flavors?

#HappyHolidays Blog Carnival Recipe: Red Pepper Salad

tostada_red_pepper_salad_watermark_closeup_largeToday’s recipe is from a very different and special blog.  I somehow came across a blogger who conducts not only culinary tours of Crete, Greece, but GLUTEN FREE culinary tours of Crete, Greece!  Oh lawd!!!  I had the opportunity to visit Crete when I was a teen and have talked about it many times to my little one, telling her how beautiful this place was.  Hadassah of Food Tours in Greece provides us with todays recipe.  Visit her blog for your own virtual culinary tour of Crete, and check out the upcoming tours while you’re there.

#HealthyHolidays Blog Carnival Recipe: Sautéed Sweet Potatoes

Christinas Sweet-potatoe-sauteeIf you haven’t met Christina of A Soulful Twist, get to know her and her cooking with today’s recipe, sautéed sweet potatoes, lightened up.  Christina has a wonderfully informative bio on her blog which left me feeling like, yeah, we could be friends.  I enjoyed getting to know her virtually.  Let her know what you think of her blog.  I’ve discovered lots of good recipes there, and I’m lovin’ it!

#HealthyHolidays Recipes for a Vegan Holiday

vegan dishA few months ago I had the privilege of getting acquainted with a cousin I’d only met once, when she was about 3 days old. While in Harlem for the Blogging While Brown conference, I got the chance to spend some time with my cousin Zahra, blogger for The Natural Journey for Life.  She’s all grown up now, and as fly as can be. It turned out we had quite a bit in common – a love for good healthy food, natural hair, and blogging. Be sure to stop by her blog for a few vegan holiday recipes and lots of natural healthy living advice.cousins

#HealthyHolidays Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sauteed Spinach

robyns dish

The recipes are still coming, and I’m loving them all!  This one sounds really different, and has me curious.  We have Robyn Andrea to thank for this lovely bowl of healthy goodness.  I’m so glad to have connected with Robyn via the blog carnival, as it has introduced me to her blog which I am really pleased to have found!  For this nutritious recipe and so many more visit Robyn at Runaway Apricot (isn’t that the cutest name ever??).

#HealthyHolidays Blog Carnival Recipe: Mediterranean Inspired Salad with Cauliflower Couscous


I am always down for a good salad.  This one is pretty too!  Although I don’t eat gluten I used to LOVE couscous.  This is a great way to add a veggie, cauliflower, while creating a gluten free replacement for couscous, so that’s good news!  Be sure to visit Sanura Weathers of the fabulous blog My Life Runs on Food to get the recipe for this yummy looking and sounding dish.  Will you be trying this one?

#HealthyHolidays Recipe Pumpkin Chocolate Yogurt

pumpkin yogurt

Today’s recipe is from blogger, registered dietitian, and certified diabetes educator Constance Brown-Riggs.  I recently met this sweet lady at a conference and am so glad we stayed in touch.  Be sure to visit her blog Eating Soulfully for her pumpkin chocolate yogurt recipe, and also check out her book, The African American Guide to Living Well with Diabetes.

The #healthyholidays blog carnival continues.  Be sure to subscribe here to get all upcoming recipes delivered to your inbox.  Have you made any of the recipes yet?  If so, I’d love to know!

#HealthyHolidays Vegetarian Thanksgiving Day Menu


Today’s post comes from a good friend of mine, Denine Rogers, registered dietitian and diabetes educator at Living Healthy Online. Denine has provided us with three scrumptious recipes. Visit her to get the recipes and learn more about managing diabetes and Living Healthy Online. Let me know if you try any of the recipes from the blog carnival. And more importantly, have a wonderful, memorable Thanksgiving day.