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And they brought the colt to Jesus, and cast their garments on him; and he sat upon him.  And many spread their garments in the way: and others cut down branches off the trees, and strawed them in the way.  And they that went before, and they that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord:  10 Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest. ~ Mark 11:7-10 (KJV)

Today is Palm Sunday.  Today is the beginning of Holy Week.  Holy Week is Continue reading “Hosanna!” »

Cookbook Giveaway and Review – No Fooling Around


green smoothie book

I’m not usually one to participate in April Fool’s Day.  In fact I’m a little perturbed by a whole day dedicated to foolishness. Aintnobodygottimefuhdat.  Anyway, I am not joking when I say that some lucky Diva who joins me for the Detox for a Diva: Spring Cleaning will win this cookbook. Green Smoothies for Every Season was written by the same lady who wrote The Green Smoothie Bible, so you know she knows her stuff. I love that the recipes are broken down by seasonal ingredients, and that she discusses rotating your leafy greens so that you don’t get too many of any one mineral. There’s also very good info on the benefits of green smoothies, so you’re not just drinking something green and making a fool of yourself.  There really are huge benefits. Yeah, Kristine Miles is not fooling around with her health. She has blessed us with this nice little book that I can’t wait to share with some lucky Diva.  Will it be you? The price to join us goes up at midnight so don’t miss out. Join here. As for the book giveaway, the contest ends April 7.

ps – This book was donated to me by the publisher for nothing in return except to let them know when I give it away or do a review.  Ain’t that nice?

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Minister Ginger London

I recently had the honor of speaking with Minister Ginger London of Ginger London Ministries.  What a great time I had chatting with her in celebration of Women’s History Month.  We mainly discussed being a woman entrepreneur, and the importance of taking care of the temple.  This was an awesome sister chat that I was truly blessed to have had the chance to be a part of.  I think maybe I value female connections so much because I grew up as the only girl, with two brothers who would lock their door when they heard me coming. LOL!  Anyway, the audio is here for your to enjoy, and share.

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

healthy is sexyDid you join the fall Detox for a Diva?  Or did you miss out and want to know when it would come around again?  Well, spring is here, and so is D4D Spring Cleaning – yay!!  I’m ready for a whole new group of divas to join me on April 1.  And actually, a couple of previous participants have already decided to sign up.  I didn’t expect that, but I know I’ll be doing it again so why wouldn’t they?

Detox for a Diva Spring Cleaning will include Continue reading “It’s Time for Spring Cleaning” »


Minister Crystal Cochren of myfaithandfitness.com sends this timely blessing to us. Read on and be blessed.

“One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.” ~ Psalm 27:4 (KJV)

​The liturgical season of Lent began on Wednesday, March 5. Lent is a time for reflecting on our individual relationships with God. We should take this time to ask ourselves some important questions. Continue reading “Second Sundays with Crystal: SAY “NO” TO MARCH MADNESS & “YES” TO MARCH STILLNESS” »

Still Living Healthy in 2014?


As we enter the second quarter of 2014, I wonder how you’re doing with your healthy New Year’s resolutions? Or new habits? Whatever you’ve chosen to call it, how are you doing? So many start the race expecting awesome results. But by the end of the first-quarter most have dropped out. I know that Ash Wednesday this week was helpful in getting some of us back on track. But for those who still need a little help regaining focus, i’ve got a few ideas. Continue reading “Still Living Healthy in 2014?” »

Heal Your Heart- Second Sunday’s With Crystal

Here is your monthly dose of spirituality from Minister Crystal L. Cochren of My Faith and Fitness.
“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.”
~ Jeremiah 17:14 (KJV)

​February is National Heart Health Month. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer…combined. I have been wearing my red dress pin all month. I even made a point to wear red on National Wear Red Day. The perfect storm of events caused me to start taking my health seriously. Before my husband and I joined a gym in early April 2012, I lived a sedentary life. I practice law during the day. So, I am either sitting in my office reading and typing or sitting in court waiting for my cases to be heard. Before I joined the gym, during the evening, I would usually crochet something to sell in my online boutique. I was taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, I had FOUR of the risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight and physical inactivity. No bueno. Because of my healthy and fit lifestyle, I increased my HDL (good) numbers for my cholesterol. As a shortcut, I remember it as “H” in HDL for Healthy and “L” in LDL as Lethal. We want our LDL numbers to be low.

Sometimes, in our focus on the physical aspects of heart health, we fail to remember the emotional aspects of our hearts. Many of us have experienced abuse, neglect and rejection. The abuse may have taken the form of a physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual assault. The perpetrators were usually someone we knew and trusted. For instance, statistics show that most sexual assaults on women are committed by a person who the woman knows. Others of us have lived with domestic violence during our formative years, either as victims or witnesses. Our mothers may have gotten beaten by our fathers or father figures. Our fathers may have gotten beaten by mothers or mother figures. Perhaps, our parents used to fight each other, both of them equally culpable of giving out the violence. We may have been involved in intimate relationship where we were abused. Maybe as children, we were abandoned and rejected by those we loved and trusted. We grew up in one or more foster homes with no one to love us.

After we become adults, after the bones heal and the physical damage fades away, we are left to deal with emotional scars on our hearts, minds and spirits. In our attempt to self medicate, we abuse alcohol, drugs and other substances. We may have even attempted suicide on one or more occasions. If we do not believe in God, one of the reasons that we do not is because we think that if God existed, God would have prevented those horrific things from happening to us. If we believe in God, we wonder why God allowed those horrible things to take place. I cannot answer that question. Christians like to quote scripture and tell us how “all things work together…” That scripture is true. However, we need more than a scripture quoted to us in passing to enjoy emotional healing and restoration. Only God can heal us of such deep emotional wounds.

I encourage you today to seek God to begin or continue the process of receiving complete healing and restoration for your heart. God wants us to be whole in all aspects of our beings. God loves us and wants best for us. Place your faith and trust in God. Be blessed as you increase your focus on your spiritual and emotional health. Remain encouraged.

New Year New You Mango Lassi Smoothie

culinary therapy 006

How is your new year going so far? Many of us take the month of January to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate our health.  I know I am. So I came up with this most fabulous “MangoLassi” smoothie and am delighted to share it with you. It has chia seeds for omega 3, fiber and calcium, turmeric which is a powerful antioxidant (cancer fighting) and liver supporter, high protein and heart healthy almond milk, fresh squeezed orange juice for vitamin c, carrots for beta carotene (cancer fighter) and vitamin A (to enhance eye health), and mango for sweetness and whole host of nutritional goodies (vitamins A, C, B6 as well as folate, fiber and copper). I came up with this by trying to make the perfectly pretty orange smoothie.  I would say this one is a total success. Pretty, healthy, and delish. Wanna try it? Here you go! Continue reading “New Year New You Mango Lassi Smoothie” »

Second Sunday’s With Crystal- Power to Overcome Brokenness

Here is my monthly spiritual post from Minister Crystal Cochren of My Faith and Fitness. Be blessed!

“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”
~ Matthew 17:21 (KJV)

​Prayer is communication with God. Spending time in prayer is crucial. Prayer time is not the time for a long monologue with us giving God a list of things that we want or think that we need. Prayer time is the occasion for us to pray on behalf of others. Prayer time is for God to speak to us. It is a time where we can receive revelations and assignments. We cannot know exactly what God wants us to do in our lives and ministries if we do not make the time to learn what our assignments are. The more time that we spend in prayer, the clearer the assignments become. Continue reading “Second Sunday’s With Crystal- Power to Overcome Brokenness” »

Welcome 2014 With New Healthy Eating Habits

Out with the old, in with the new, right? This is the time of year we like to prepare for a fresh start. So I thought I’d share a list of healthy eating related habits you can toss out with the end of 2013, and those you can replace them with for 2014.

1. Out- counting calories. In- Eating foods that help you to feel your best. Continue reading “Welcome 2014 With New Healthy Eating Habits” »