Well Diva Wednesday – Alonia Jones, Destiny Diva – Destined to Love Again

Alonia JonesHey Divas!

This week I want to share with you my Spelman sister, Alonia Jones.

There are people all over the internet claiming to be life coaches, wanting to help you get your life together.  But Alonia is one I can say I have watched grow and create a life for herself that she can use as an example of how to manifest your own customized destiny fit for a Diva.

Alonia is known as the Destiny Diva, and as she puts it, she was “born to inspire”.

I chose to present Alonia to you this week because this week she is celebrating her 2nd wedding anniversary.  I remember a couple of years ago when her wedding pictures popped up in my Facebook newsfeed.  I thought “That’s strange… I thought she was already married”.  Needless to say I didn’t know any of the details, and didn’t ask, as it didn’t overly concern me.  So I clicked LIKE and kept it moving.  But then a couple of days ago I noticed a post about celebrating two years married, and something about reuniting with someone from 30 years ago.  That’s when I put it together.  This woman did what so many women fear. Continue reading “Well Diva Wednesday — Alonia Jones, Destiny Diva — Destined to Love Again” »