Celebrating Women’s History Month with Minister Ginger London

I recently had the honor of speaking with Minister Ginger London of Ginger London Ministries.  What a great time I had chatting with her in celebration of Women’s History Month.  We mainly discussed being a woman entrepreneur, and the importance of taking care of the temple.  This was an awesome sister chat that I was truly blessed to have had the chance to be a part of.  I think maybe I value female connections so much because I grew up as the only girl, with two brothers who would lock their door when they heard me coming. LOL!  Anyway, the audio is here for your to enjoy, and share.

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

healthy is sexyDid you join the fall Detox for a Diva?  Or did you miss out and want to know when it would come around again?  Well, spring is here, and so is D4D Spring Cleaning – yay!!  I’m ready for a whole new group of divas to join me on April 1.  And actually, a couple of previous participants have already decided to sign up.  I didn’t expect that, but I know I’ll be doing it again so why wouldn’t they?

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Oysters, Clams, Lobsters, Oh My! Keeping it Low Fat, Gluten Free and Delicious While Traveling

Over the past week I have been in seafood lover’s heaven – Boston.  I ate so much seafood that I really believe I felt my cholesterol rising.  Fortunately, seafood is gluten free, and low in calories and fat, except when you drench it in butta.  Anyway, I just had to share my experience with the raw bar while at a dinner party at Tufts University (beautiful campus!).  I don’t consider myself to be adventurous, but when I saw how long the line was at the raw oyster and clam bar, I had to check it out. Continue reading “Oysters, Clams, Lobsters, Oh My! Keeping it Low Fat, Gluten Free and Delicious While Traveling” »

My Top 5 Tips For a Healthy 4th of July Menu

Red, white, and blue trifle

Well apparently it’s that time of year again since I hear and feel the loud bangs of fireworks contraband outside my window. This is also a time when many of us who are figure and/or health conscious slip up, or slip over into the vat of banana pudding, or lose our minds on the homemade ice-cream, not to mention the saucy tender juicy RIBS!

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