Welcome 2014 With New Healthy Eating Habits

Out with the old, in with the new, right? This is the time of year we like to prepare for a fresh start. So I thought I’d share a list of healthy eating related habits you can toss out with the end of 2013, and those you can replace them with for 2014.

1. Out- counting calories. In- Eating foods that help you to feel your best. Continue reading “Welcome 2014 With New Healthy Eating Habits” »

For My Sistas – Black Women and Weight Loss in 2012

This week I saw a fabulous Janet Jackson starring in a Nutrisystem commercial.  I also noticed two or three new J-Hud commercials for Weight Watchers.  And of course there’s the bad ass Mariah Carey Jenny Craig spot, where they fail to mention her 7 day a week workout.  The point is I’ve noticed a real target on us sistas to get the weight off.  It seems someone has noticed that we need to lose some weight, and that same someone has noticed that we have money to spend on ourselves.

I appreciate any good help I can get, and as a registered dietitian, it’s my duty and passion to help others.  So I thought I’d compile a short list of the help I know of that’s specifically for black women.  I’ve also included a few sites that will support your weight loss efforts. This is my year to not just eat healthy, but to get moving and STAY moving too.  If you’ve not done so yet, make the commitment to make this the year to be your physical best too.  If you know of other sites that I didn’t list please feel free to add them. Continue reading “For My Sistas — Black Women and Weight Loss in 2012” »