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Over the past 4 years or so, I have been in pursuit of a workout that I can live with.  One that will be fun, challenging, in a clean smelling environment.  That quickly ruled out the gym, and some funky yoga studios.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve tried everything from pole fitness to Zumba.  This week, it’s TDM, or The Dailey Method.

I’ve not done this class long enough to really know the difference between The Daily Method and The Bar Method, but I know one thing.  I like it.  With all the back and shoulder issues I have, it’s perfect for me.  No jumping up and down, no heavy weights,  no grapevines.  The instructors have been very helpful, providing individual attention when needed.  I don’t know if I’d call this routine fun, but I can tell it will be effective quickly.  and quick is what I need.

I know it’s early yet, as I’ve been known to leave a workout routine usually by the end of week 3.  But I’ve decided to really stick it out this time.  Since I recently lost 20 pounds and counting, it’s time to tone it up.  So check on me in about 3 weeks to see how I’m doing.  I know all I need and want to know about losing weight.  My problem is working out for any real length of time.

I must tell you that The Dailey Method, just like The Bar Method, is pricey.  But with the lovely spacious locker room and fancy ladies room, I can’t be mad.  I guess it’s like the Neiman Marcus of fitness clubs.  Just an fyi.

For more detail about the actual workout you can read my post about The Bar Method, or better yet – look at The Dailey Method vid.

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